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About Us

We are a network of inspectors, who have been trusted by home buyers and investors to help them make informed decisions since 2005. We specialize in small and large residential properties, commercial buildings, pool and spa evaluations, new construction, and phase inspections. We take pride in every inspection we perform, and when the inspection is over, your inspector will provide a personalized presentation of the property. We will prepare an easy-to-read report that focuses on the important findings. We serve the entire Phoenix metro area, including Maricopa, Casa Grande, and other cities within Maricopa and Pinal Counties. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to simply give you, our clients, the best service in the home inspection industry. We provide an honest, realistic and detached view of your investment or home.

As an investor myself I've learned not to be concerned with the number of problems found but rather with the importance of what is found, the stability of the structure, and the quality of the materials used during construction. Some homes are simply a hidden treasure. Not every house is built equally! We can help you get the fact you need to tell them apart. We will even give you some energy saving tips.

IC is the best choice for your inspection needs. Why? Because we simply do a better job! The attic is usually over 150°F in the summer, we make every effort to go in anyway. If at all posible, we will go in crawl spaces. Most companies only shine a flashlight from these openings!  We check for hidden gas and water leaks and perform functional flow and functional drain water tests, our competitors simply won't. 

We walk most roofs and are committed to only doing two home inspections per day, per inspector. Ask the competition how many inspections they do a day. If the answer is more than two, you are not going to get a quality inspection. Good service doesn't happen by chance, it takes time and effort! As we are doing our inspection we take pictures with a date and time stamp. You will know what we did and when we did it. Some so called "inspectors" walk around for thirty minutes and hand you a long report full of general information, exclusions and limitations, but not much on your actual home. We believe you deserve better and you do! You can't ask for perfection, it's a myth, but you deserve excellence and we work hard on every inspection to give you just that. We will show you all the pictures we took and we will explain in detail all our findings. You will not be left guessing! Our loyalty is to you, the buyer, no one else.

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